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Alquibla – Nas Al Ghiwan : la música del trance – 28 abr 1989

Desde su aparición, hace unos 16 años, el grupo musical marroquí Nas al Ghiwan ha profundizado en la tradición del sufismo popular de las cofradías islámicas, frente a otros modelos de canción más comerciales y cercanos al gusto occidental.



Tarantism is a condition found in southern Italy that results from the bite of the wolf spider or tarantula. Its symptoms include nausea, speaking difficulties, delirium, heightened excitability and restlessness. The bodies of those who have been bitten are seized by convulsions. At one time it was thought that it could only be cured through a sort of frenzied dancing. Even the Bishop of Polignano, who in the 17th century allowed himself to be bitten in order to disprove the cure, felt compelled to dance to relieve his symptoms. Joachim Koester’s interest in tarantism is tied to its original sense: a dance of uncontrolled and compulsive movements, spasms and convulsions. In Tarantism he has utilized this idea to generate the movements of dancers, who explore, in six individually choreographed parts, what might be called the body’s terra incognita.

Foto: Tarantism by Joachim Koester